Dallet Elected To Wisconsin Supreme Court



It was about serving the people of Wisconsin by upholding the rule of law and respecting the Constitution and the separation of powers.

Her conservative opponent, Michael Screnock, is a longtime ally of Walker's who tried to paint Dallet as a liberal activist. The question now is whether Democratic momentum in a nationalized election will change that.

Dallet, who has served as a judge for the Milwaukee County Circuit Court in Wisconsin, was first elected to the position in the year 2008. Both developments suggest that Wisconsin may have been jarred back into being a blue state after playing a pivotal role in delivering the presidency to Donald Trump. The state Democratic Party machinery worked to help Dallet win and reveled in her victory.

"Big government special interests flooded Wisconsin with distorted facts & misinformation", Walker tweeted, saying he would be targeted next.

Other Democrats were quick to brand the win for Dallet a defeat for Republican Gov. Scott Walker and others in the GOP. "I think people are exhausted of what's been going on in our state in terms of the money coming in to buy these elections and people spoke out tonight".

"I think they're ready to have fair and independent courts".

JOHNSON: Conservatives now have a 5-2 majority on the state Supreme Court.

Scott Walker predicts a blue wave in the Badger State following a liberal judge's win in the state Supreme Court race Tuesday night.

"Women absolutely need to be at the table", Dallet said.

The vacancy on the court was created by Justice Michael Gableman's decision not to seek a second term.

But though these court elections are "nonpartisan", in practice the state supreme court has become bitterly divided along ideological lines, with millions of dollars in outside spending pouring into these contests - and conservatives usually tending to come out on top.

Dallet won by almost 12 points with unofficial results almost complete.

- A Wisconsin Supreme Court candidate is refusing to condemn a television ad that alludes to a case involving child victims of sexual assaults, despite a plea from the victims' family for it to be taken off the air.

Although the race was viewed by some as a bellwether, results of past Supreme Court elections have not consistently proven to be predictive of what will happen in November. "I would say that the Supreme Court race this week was another alarm bell and if you begin to connect these dots it looks like Democrats have a lot of energy and excitement on their side", Burden says.

November's election will be different that Tuesday in at least two ways.

His campaign was also endorsed by conservative groups ranging from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce to the National Rifle Association. The party labels will be on the ballot in November, encouraging stronger voter turnout. The statewide average is about 21 percent.

Tuesday's election between conservative Michael Screnock and liberal Rebecca Dallet has drawn national attention because its results can gauge voters' mood ahead of the midterms.

"I think every single Republican on the ballot is at risk, and needs to run as if they're five points behind right now", Fraley said.

Several voters in the state said they were motivated to vote against Screnock because of his NRA support. That wasn't enough to make up for the lead she built up in Madison and Milwaukee.

"I don't want to support anyone who's backed by the NRA right now", said Phil Ouellette, 59, who works in advertising.

A spring snowstorm could be a player in Wisconsin's election day.

Wisconsin voters also rejected, by a 61-39 percent margin, a constitutional amendment supported by Republicans to eliminate the office of state treasurer. "But there's been a year and a half of activism, getting people organized and excited before this race".

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