New Gmail Confidential Mode auto-expires and locks emails

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The color in the background had a blue-ish gradient.

What time do you want your message to self destruct? This is a helpful feature as users will be eligible to send a reply to an email with one mere click. Presumably this only happens on non-compatible clients. Snooze and Smart Reply are both currently part of Google's Inbox app for Gmail, and both features are now making their way to Gmail on the web. For example, the sidebar will be used to show Google Calendar, for easier scheduling, along with Google Keep, the company's notes and task manager.

Android Authority has posted a series of screenshots for the "dogfood" version of Gmail that is likely in testing by Googlers and other trusted partners.

According to reports from TechCrunch, there will soon be a new lock-shaped button added to the compose screen called "Confidential Mode" that blocks other users from forwarding, copying, downloading and printing.

Trying to inject a new feature into the email standard is a tough nut to crack. This will allow you to avoid email threads until you're ready to reply. Now, when someone emails asking if you're free for a meeting on a certain day, you don't need to open a new tab to check your calendar.

It seems Gmail is going to be pulling a lot of ideas from Google Inbox. Also, in case a user is unable to attend to a mail immediately, Google may introduce a snooze option for the mail to reappear in the inbox after a specific time frame.

Google demonstrates its new AI model using a series of videos including one of two stand-up comedians talking loudly at the same time (which you can watch below), and its effectiveness is startling. Now there is news Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has been working on a new version of Gmail for the web. Adding to the confidentiality features of the new Gmail design is a way to ensure that your recipient confirms their identity using a passcode sent via text message.

This means that when you point your phone and Google Lens at either a cat or dog, it will be able to identify that breed for you along with more information if you're curious about that sort of thing.

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