Oscar-winning 'Cuckoo's Nest' director Milos Forman dies at 86



Miloš Forman, who rose to prominence as a key figure in the Czech New Wave before establishing himself as one of Hollywood's most sought-after directors, has died at 86.

Born in Czechoslovakia on February 18, 1932, Forman lost his parents to the Holocaust, and spent much of his childhood being raised in a boarding school for orphans.

Milos Forman poses after being presented with the "Giraldillo" award for his life-long career achievements at Sevilla Festival Film Spain.in 2004. At his lowest point he was offered the chance to direct One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, another anti-authoritarian parable adapted from Ken Kesey's novel.

Forman would also receive the Best Director Oscar for 1985's Amadeus (another Best Picture winner), as well as a further nomination for 1996's The People vs. Larry Flynt.

The People vs Larry Flynt was inspired by the life story of controversial porn magnate Larry Flynt. Said Directors' Guild president Thomas Schlamme, following the death of the director.

His films, such as as 1964's "Black Peter" and the 1967 communist satire "The Fireman's Ball", were banned for a time in the former Czechoslovakia.

Paying tribute to the late filmmaker, Baby Driver director Edgar Wright tweeted: "Very sad to hear that the great director Milos Forman has passed away".

"Taking Off", an amusing look at generational differences in a changing America, had won praise from critics who compared it favorably to Forman's Czech films.

Shortly after, Forman moved to the U.S.

"I was used to seeing the Russian and Czech films about composers, and they were the most boring films", he said.

However, that wasn't the end of it as Forman went on to win his second Oscar for the 1984 Hollywood film "Amadeus", a biopic of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The Czech government, realizing the money to be made by letting "Amadeus" be filmed in Prague, allowed Forman to come home, and the public hailed his return. It is only one of three films to have accomplished this feat.

"Amadeus" won eight Academy Awards, including for best picture and for Forman as best director.

The director's first marriage, to actress Jana Brejchova ended in divorce. His third wife was Martina Zborilova in 1999, who is the mother of another set of his twins, Andrew and James.

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