Russian Federation claims Syria missile strike was attempt to derail chemical weapon investigation

Some of the children allegedly killed by Assad’s toxic gas

Some of the children allegedly killed by Assad’s toxic gas

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the missile strike against Syria's military and civilian infrastructures was carried out by U.S. warplanes and naval ships in cooperation with the British and French air forces between 03:42 and 05:10 Moscow time on Saturday.

Retaliatory attacks: In response, the US, France and the United Kingdom launched attacks early Saturday morning against three sites near Damascus and Homs that were allegedly used for the research, development production, testing and storage of chemical weapons.

Trump's use of that last phrase harks back to President George W. Bush's premature declaration of victory in Iraq, where US troops remain 15 years after the initial USA military engagement there - a mistake some critics say they fear Trump might repeat on Syria.

All three allies fired 22 weapons at the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Storage Site just west of Homs, and the USA military launched seven missiles at the Him Shinshar Chemical Weapons Bunker, McKenzie said.

According to Foreign Office Spokesperson Dr Mohammad Faisal, Islamabad "condemns the use of chemical weapons anywhere by anyone".

Seven SCALP missiles hit the bunker, according to the USA military. Footage and photographs after the raid showed destroyed concrete office blocks and Syrian soldiers picking their way through the rubble.

"The Syrian response was remarkably ineffective in all domains", Lieutenant-General Kenneth McKenzie said. The U.S. war there dragged on for eight more years.

Syria, Iran and Russian Federation say Israel was behind an air strike on a Syrian air base on Monday that killed seven Iranian military personnel, something Israel has neither confirmed nor denied.

"We did a strike a year ago for that same objective and it was deemed a success", but the Syrian government continued to use chemical weapons, King said. "The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) visited here and didn't report anything wrong with this place".

Haley, in her Fox News interview, also defended its use as a military term, rather than as a broader political statement.

"Assad knew that Russian Federation had its back, Assad knew that Russian Federation would cover for them at the United Nations, and Assad got reckless, and he used it in a way that was far more aggressive", she said.

"We can not stand by as Russian Federation trashes every worldwide norm that we stand for", Ms Haley said.

"The United States of America will not allow the Assad regime to continue using chemical weapons".

In a press conference in London after the attack, May said Britain, the USA and France needed to act quickly to send a clear message to Bashar Al-Assad's regime that the use of chemical weapons won't be tolerated, and to ensure the operation itself was a success.

One major concern the United States had was that the Syria strikes would prompt a direct confrontation between Washington and Moscow, whose relations have spiraled downward in recent months.

A group of Russian politicians has met with Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose mood they describe as good a day after Western airstrikes.

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