Xbox One May 2018 Update Adds Game Groups

Microsoft's new BIG Xbox update leaks Reveals progress on huge new features COMING SOON

Microsoft's new BIG Xbox update leaks Reveals progress on huge new features COMING SOON

The feature also seems to have been implemented to work on top of the previously released auto low latency mode with variable refresh rate technology for smoother gaming experiences.

Microsoft has revealed its Xbox One dashboard update for May, which aims to deliver another selection of new features to your console, including a 120Hz refresh rate for those with compatible monitors.

As PC gamers can attest to, getting a high refresh rate monitor can be just as transformative to your play time as a new high-spec computer. Alpha Insiders may have already received this update as it started rolling out to those players over the weekend, but for everybody else, more details on each of the features can be found below. As of May, the Pins system (letting you arrange your homescreen favorites) will offer a new "Groups" option, letting you compile apps and games into easy-to-browse stacks. To help make things easier, Xbox is adding a details page so parents can tell which family and content settings are configured for their kids. While Xbox does offer up parental controls and family settings, they are now a bit tricky to navigate.

Other new features that are being tested for the May Xbox Update including trimming video clips directly from the guide, improvements to the Xbox Accessories app, and some changes to button commands in the Xbox dashboard.

Madden NFL 18 is also Xbox One X enhanced, running in full 4K UHD and at 60fps, making it a nice option for football fans looking to pick up the words most powerful console. There will still be some settings, like activity reports and screen time limits, that can only be found through the website, and there will be links provided for parents to set these up. For example, the "View" button on "Home" will let users edit the order of blocks or reorder items within "Groups". The upcoming Groups feature allows you to group your games and apps how you want.

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