PELOSI'S PLOT: Nancy Admits Democrat Plan to 'RAISE TAXES'

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visits with central Iowa farmer Aaron Lehman on Monday

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi visits with central Iowa farmer Aaron Lehman on Monday

"I do object to what they did in the dark of night to put forth something that gives 83% of the benefits to the top 1%". But someone appears to be standing in her way: Nancy Pelosi.

When she thought Hillary Clinton was going to be elected president and Democrats would retake the Senate in 2016, Pelosi was prepared to leave. Some Democrats are running the other way. "I think many of them are saying we need new leadership. I don't take offense at that", she said.

First it was her repeated admonitions that the GOP's tax cuts amounted to "crumbs" for the middle class - a talking point that has clearly given her Democratic colleagues agita because of its elitist overtones.

"They have no positive message", she said.

Still, she cautioned that voters shouldn't listen to largely GOP-backed ads that blast her as a popular villain, saying "you can not let your opponents chose your leaders". And she's certainly done her party plenty of good on that front, most notably with her fundraising.

Pelosi was speaking at a Politico event Monday when she made the startling admission; confirming the liberal legislator's plot to rescind the tax cuts should Democrats take control of the House. "In my district it's a very popular issue, but it's not the path we should be on".

"That became very important to me that there'd be a woman at the table where these decisions get negotiated", she said.

"Nothing is more wholesome for our politics and our government than the increased participation and leadership of women".

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi on Saturday called for an ethics investigation into San Fernando Valley Democratic Rep.

However, the odds are not in the Republicans' favor, as the president's party typically loses seats in the midterms.

"We each have a responsibility to uphold the integrity of the House of Representatives, and any type of alleged misconduct must be investigated by the Ethics Committee", she said.

Asked about her future in Congress if the Democrats fail to win the chamber, Pelosi demurred. "You have to believe".

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