Snapchat is rolling back some of its radical redesign changes

Consumer sentiment toward Snapchat drops following redesign

Consumer sentiment toward Snapchat drops following redesign

They're significant changes, which come off the back of disappointing Q1 financial results. From 2009 to 2012, she was an award-winning syndicated columnist for a number of daily newspapers from NY to Texas. They wanted feedback from the redesign that had separated Snap's media partners in their own little corner of the app, away from photos and videos from friends.

Is Snapchats charm fading away?

Remarkably, the 73% drop essentially scrubbed the positive consumer sentiment that Snapchat had built up since the beginning of 2016. Millennials make up for a huge amount of Snapchat's target user group and, in the past, have proved to be incredibly hard to win back.

The social media service said its number of daily active users had risen to 191 million, up from 187 million in the last quarter, but the increase was smaller than predicted. However, unlike more established platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat has yet to find a way to monetize in a meaningful manner.

These changes are coming as an update to the app for iOS users. However, last month the company started testing another redesign of its redesign that reimagines how Stories are portrayed. That means if you tap a Story from the friends category on the Discover page, that won't be mixed in with brand content - you'll still have to head to the subscription section to view content from brands.

Another Snapchat redesign is in the works and will roll out to iOS users shortly - correcting some of the mistakes and addressing the backlash of the most recent update.

Now Snapchat appears to be responding, with the Stories feature being moved from the Friends to the left of the camera - an initial change that upset many - and are now back to the right of the camera screen when the app is opened. It's also eliminating the messaging inbox algorithm it used to prioritize some messages over others.

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