Thanos features in Fortnite in new Infinity Gauntlet mode

Oh it's nothing. Just Falcon and Devasena hanging out

Oh it's nothing. Just Falcon and Devasena hanging out

A major development has rocked Fortnite: Thanos, the super-powered baddie from Avengers: Infinity War, has made his way into the game. Despite only being available in an inherently silly separatemode, Thanos, essentially a new boss character in the limited time Infinity Gauntlet gametype in Fortnite, has been nerfed again. Before we get into some quick and easy tips that will make acquiring the coveted gauntlet a bit more manageable, it's important to discuss what players should expect when facing the world destroyer.

Check out the trailer below.

Ever since Avengers: Infinity War released two weeks ago, fans have been debating over who should be blamed for Thanos' deadly snap. After, the big purple fella is capable of wiping out half the universe by literally clicking his fingers, so you'd kind of expect him to be, right?

Epic Games has been taking in the updates and they have improved Thanos.

As of writing, it is unknown how long the Fortnite X Avengers Limited Time Mode will last in the title, or if it is set to be removed with the next update.

CGMagonline is here to help players actually defeat Thanos and claim the Infinity Gauntlet for themselves.

An alternate strategy is to try your luck and land as early as possible, then hopefully grab the Infinity Gauntlet when it lands close to you.

Thanos is incredibly powerful. All you have to do is boot up Fortnite, and select Infinity Gauntlet from the list of modes. To counter this, however, his Power Stone beam has been increased by 8, while his punch has been increased by 20, which means they now deal 20 and 100 damage respectively.

If you're still avoiding spoilers, don't worry - most of this episode is spoiler-free and we clearly mark the point where we're about start discussing the plot.

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