Disturbance in Southeastern Gulf

Weather forecast: Showers, storms to increase this afternoon

Weather forecast: Showers, storms to increase this afternoon

We continue to monitor a big rainmaker over Florida tonight.

A trough and low pressure system are moving into the Gulf from the region around Cuba and the Bahamas and is now slowly moving to the north.

Regardless of subtropical or tropical cyclone formation, this system will enhance rainfall across portions of Florida and the northeastern Gulf Coast during the next few days.

We're two weeks away from hurricane season and we're already seeing a disturbance in the gulf.

The WMBF First Alert Weather Team will be constantly fine tuning this forecast, especially on the WMBF First Alert Weather App.

As we move into the later part of the week ahead, expect slightly drier conditions early in the day with a bit more sunshine later. Passing downpours are likely at times Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The peak timing for the wet weather will continue to be during the afternoon and evening.

While severe thunderstorms aren't expected, he said, there is potential for flooding in urban areas.

Tropical disturbances in May are not uncommon. The increase in clouds and rain will keep highs in the 80s for the remainder of the week. I will be sharing more specifics in my forecast at 9, 9:30 and 10 p.m. this evening.

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