There's good and bad news for fans of Gotham

Gotham Renewed for Season 5 by FOX

Gotham Renewed for Season 5 by FOX

What do you think about this Gotham season 5 renewal and are you glad to see it happening?

Fans will get a fifth season to round off all the show's unanswered questions and hopefully bring a satisfying conclusion to the story of Commissioner Gordon. The report adds that Warner Bros. fought hard to convince Fox to renew the show for another season despite changes in its creative direction.

He captioned the post in part: 'I am so overjoyed that we will have the opportunity to finish the story the first four seasons of gotham have begun to tell'.

One of the pressing issues is that networks are looking for more in-house content, especially over at FOX in light of the Disney and 20th Century FOX merger.

The network will hold the Season 2 premiere of Seth MacFarlane's The Orville until Sunday, Dec. 30, following an National Football League double-header; the sci-fi comedy drama will then shift into its regular Thursday time slot.

The fifth season will also serve as a soft reboot after the events of No Man's Land, according to what executive producer Danny Cannon told earlier this year.

Throughout season 4, much of that chaos has stemmed from Cameron Monaghan's Jerome/Jeremiah, and it's fair to say that the so-called proto-Joker has put Bruce Wayne and his allies through their paces.

There's no word yet on how many episodes will make up the final season of Gotham, although there have been rumors it may be a shortened 13 episode season to wrap up the series. Despite all this, though, Gotham has a lucrative streaming deal, worldwide cache given its title/content, and comes from a studio in WB that FOX likely wants to keep a relationship with as they transition to a new phase.

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