Consultations within Astana Process on Syria kick off in Kazakh capital

A US military base in al-Asaliyah Syria. AFP

A US military base in al-Asaliyah Syria. AFP

The two-day talks are the first time the three foreign powers most deeply involved in Syria's seven-year war have met together since Iran and Israel became embroiled in a spat over reported cross-border military strikes last week.

Talks on Syria spearheaded by Russian Federation in Astana failed to edge the seven-year conflict closer to a political settlement Tuesday and cast the future of diplomatic efforts to end the crisis into uncertainty.

A joint resolution produced by the three guarantor countries Tuesday said the next high-level meeting on Syria would take place in the Russian city of Sochi in July.

The statement affirmed the need to enhance efforts to provide aid to all Syrians in the field of restoring their normal and peaceful life and that the achievement of this goal is ensured by the rapid and safe delivery of humanitarian assistance without obstacles.

The meeting was held within the framework of bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the 9th round of talks on Syria in Astana.

"We regret this and believe the path to political settlement can only be found at the negotiating table, not in efforts and scenarios worked out behind the back of the Syrian government and the global community", he said, without elaborating.

In the past, the United States sent a delegation to the talks.

He also declared IS "practically destroyed" in Syria.

"Representatives of the Syrian armed opposition have arrived in Astana early this morning", he said.

The Turkish delegation is expected to hold a meeting later on Monday with UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura regarding the establishment of a constitution committee.

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