Tesla Driver in Utah Crash Says Autopilot Was Engaged

Elon Musk poses with a Tesla outside the company’s factory in Silicon Valley October 2011

Elon Musk poses with a Tesla outside the company’s factory in Silicon Valley October 2011

Meanwhile, Musk told employees Monday that the company plans to "flatten" its structure while working to improve communication and trim actions "that are not vital" to the company's success.

This can lead to the breakdown of the thermal balance of the system and the complete destruction of the batteries and the vehicle.

Amid the manufacturing problems, senior Tesla executives have departed or cut back work.

National Transportation Safety Board Keith Holloway said the agency is not yet investigating the matter.

The company is developing multiple new vehicles, including a semi truck, and has registered a new auto firm in Shanghai in a probable step towards production in China. He added that he would reduce the number of third-party contracting companies engaged by Tesla, equating them with "barnacles" needing to be scrubbed off.

The change comes as Electrek reported on a company memo saying Tesla (TSLA) is poised to top Model 3 production numbers of 500 a day.

The widely followed analyst slashed his price target for shares of the electric automaker to $291 from $376 on Tuesday, bringing his target below Tesla's trading price for the first time in months.

"We've been doing a thorough search of our service records, and we can not find anything suggesting that the customer ever complained to Tesla about the performance of Autopilot", Tesla said in a statement.

According to Tesla, it was the fault of the driver that caused the accident; the car's autopilot system was engaged only six seconds before the accident. "It is not a self-driving system", Musk said.

"We have increased our estimate for Tesla's capital raising from $2.5bn to $3.0bn, which we continue to expect in 3Q18", he said.

Tesla has said the autopilot feature in its vehicles only handles some driving tasks. It was the latest accident involving a Tesla.

On Friday a Tesla Model S crashed into the back of a firetruck in South Jordan, Utah. Police said the driver, who suffered a broken ankle, said she had been using Autopilot before the crash.

Tesla's stock price slipped Monday following another autopilot crash, this time in Utah, which the NTSB said it would investigate alongside its other now open investigation into the fatal crash of a Model X in California in March.

Federal regulators are not investigating the crash of a Tesla electric vehicle this weekend, as Utah police try to determine whether the car's semi-autonomous Autopilot feature was switched on.

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