Anwar Ibrahim released after years in prison

Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir might stay up to two years in post

Malaysia's Prime Minister Mahathir might stay up to two years in post

"He's in good health", said Anwar's lawyer Shankaran Nair, who noted that the prison sentence was "unjust", which was why the pardon was approved.

He said Tuesday that he will run the country for "one to two years" to fix Malaysia's financial problems, creating uncertainty about how the two will work together in the interim. The 70-year-old Anwar is still serving a five-year jail term after he was found guilty on a sodomy charge in 2015.

Anwar and his supporters have long denied the sodomy allegations, saying they were concocted to crush him and his political allies.

The volatile relationship between Anwar and Mahathir, from friends to foes to allies, has dominated Malaysia's political landscape for more than three decades and is central to the future of the alliance.

Mr Mahathir has promised to step aside for Mr Anwar to become prime minister within two years.

Mahathir also said he welcomed foreign direct investment in Malaysia by China and other countries, but such investment must bring in capital and technology and provide jobs for Malaysians. "Mahathir is keeping to his deal". "Now we need to see him become prime minister".

Anwar was heir-apparent to the premiership until Mahathir sacked him in 1998 and he was subsequently jailed. He added that he would make the final decision about cabinet posts.

Mahathir was once Najib's mentor but he left the former ruling party over the 1MDB affair and joined the opposition. He was initially supposed to name 10 ministers but appeared to have been stalled by horse-trading over positions.

"The base case is that Mahathir passes the baton to Anwar".

"This matter is up for discussion, but Anwar has never demanded to be prime minister immediately", she was quoted as telling reporters at a rehabilitation hospital where her husband is recuperating from a shoulder surgery.

The lawsuits name Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho, also known as Jho Low, and Mr Najib's stepson Riza Aziz among the alleged beneficiaries of misappropriated funds.

"From prison to palace.our struggle, everything we have gone through for the last 20 years has not been in vain", Anwar said.

Malaysia's newly elected Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad attends a news conference in Menara Yayasan Selangor, Pataling Jaya, Malaysia, May 12, 2018.

Anwar is in the People's Justice Party, while Mahathir is in the Malaysian United Indigenous Party, but they are part of the same coalition, Pakatan Harapan (meaning "Pact of Hope").

He refused to go quietly, leading tens of thousands of demonstrators in street rallies in Kuala Lumpur demanding reforms before being arrested.

In a drama that earned worldwide scorn, Anwar was brought into court with a black eye after a beating from the country's police chief.

Released in poor health in 2004 when the sodomy charge was overturned, the father of six spent a few years recuperating and working as an academic.

Without the pardon, Anwar would have been banned from politics for five years due to having a criminal record.

He maintains his innocence, and says on both occasions Mahathir and Najib turned to trumping up charges against him to keep him out of politics.

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