Hidden pages uncovered in Anne Frank's diary contain dirty jokes

Dutch researchers read two covered pages of Anne Frank diary    
     The Canadian PressMay. 15 2018 8:30

Dutch researchers read two covered pages of Anne Frank diary The Canadian PressMay. 15 2018 8:30

Using digital technology on two pages in Frank's diary, researchers were able to uncover text hidden behind brown paper the teenage girl pasted over the pages in her notebook in what appears to be an attempt to hide the content. He edited and published her writings in hiding after the war, making Anne Frank one of the world's most famous Holocaust victims.Anne Frank wrote the jokes on September 28, 1942, just three months after the family began their two-year stay at the hiding place. But the institution did share some of what it says were 33 lines about sex education and prostitution also on the pages.

Her father, Otto Frank managed to survive the Holocaust and published his daughter's diary in 1947, in hopes it would become a revelation to the agony faced by Jews.

Anne Frank's diary has been translated into 70 languages and more than 30 million copies have been sold. But today it was revealed what lied behind the covered up pages.

It is not known why she covered up the two pages with brown paper, but several times in her diaries she voices fears that others might pry into her writings. But to those who have read Frank's diary, the real surprise is not that she addressed sexual topics-it's that there's more to discover about a 15-year-old murdered 73 years ago.

"The "dirty" jokes are classics among growing children", said Frank van Vree, director of the Netherlands' Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies. "They make it clear that Anne, with all her gifts, was above all also an ordinary girl".

In an interview, Ronald Leopold, executive director of the Anne Frank House, said, "It is really interesting and adds meaning to our understanding of the diary".

Reflections of tourists and canal houses are seen in the window of the Anne Frank museum in Amsterdam on April 24, 2013.

"The only element that might be interesting from the point of view about her development as a writer and as a teenager is the fact that she's creating, kind of, fiction" he said.

"I sometimes imagine that someone would come to me and ask me to inform him about sexual subjects, how would I do that?", she wrote.

In August 1944, Nazi soldiers found them and the Frank family were immediately sent to Auschwitz.

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