Lois Lane Actresses Pay Tribute To Margot Kidder

Superman Star Margot Kidder Dies at 69

Superman Star Margot Kidder Dies at 69

Kidder, as ace reporter Lane, was a salty, sexually savvy adult who played off of the boyish, farm-raised charm of Reeve's Clark Kent, though her dogged journalism constantly got her into unsafe scrapes that required old-fashioned rescues. The mind practically reels.

The Superman movies made Margot Kidder a high-flier, but making a superhero movie then without state-of-the-art special effects was down-to-earth tedious.

B-movie buffs say "Black Christmas", 1974, with Kidder as a sorority sister, is a must-see.

She told the publication: "It's very hard to convince a manic person that there is anything wrong with them". She had romantic dalliances with Spielberg, DePalma, and former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Her third marriage was to the French director Philippe de Broca, from 1983-84.

But Superman, her return to moviemaking, rocketed her to a new level of fame. A staunch liberal activist, she supported the campaigns of Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders, protested the keystone pipeline, and took on a great deal of criticism for her stance against the first Gulf War. Over three days, she wandered the streets and narrowly escaped being raped.

Kidder also struggled for years with bipolar disorder, and social media users have been praising the actress for broaching the subject publicly. She went on to pick up an Emmy Award for her performance on the children's television series R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour in 2015.

The star, who played Lois Lane in the 1970s and 1980s films, died peacefully at her home in Montana in the US. She was a good actor. She led the way brilliantly. Margot Kidder was also a prominent political activist, taking active part in campaigns against energy tracking, the Gulf War, and even rallying for the support of Bernie Sanders during the 2016 United States elections.

The one and only.

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