Republican lawmakers are being judged unfairly on teacher pay, NC GOP says

Credit KSDK

Credit KSDK

"The plan must also stop the flat-lining of experienced educators' pay".

Durham County was the first to close schools and allow teachers to attend the rally after pressure from the Durham Association of Educators.

Previous year the North Carolina state assembly approved $2.5 million in cuts to education funding, including layoffs and the elimination of vacant positions in low-income and low-performing school districts.

"We've been fighting in North Carolina for the last 10 years against the dismantling of our public schools", says President Bryan Proffitt. "I don't know that I'd advocate necessarily doing that, but in their hearts and minds for the ones that we've talked at, I think these are the people that feel this is the only way that they can get the kind of attention", he told WFMY News 2. North Carolina ranks 39th in the nation for teacher pay, up from 47th in 2013.

Cols continues to say he can't afford to attend the May 16 rally in Raleigh where teachers are expected to protest at the General Assembly when lawmakers reconvene for the legislative short session. But many teachers contend the pay is still too low.

"This decision has been made to demonstrate support for our teachers and ensure that student safety is never compromised".

McCann recently wrote an op-ed for The Herald-Sun saying he would be at work Wednesday while more than 1,000 of his colleagues have chose to take the day off.

But many Republicans believe the rally is nothing more than a political stunt. West Virginia educators got a 5% pay increase.

"They need tomorrow and by not having it, they're at risk of not passing their grade", Jarvis said. So organizers of Wednesday's march encouraged teachers to use a provision in state law that allows them to take personal leave with at least five days' advance notice - as long as a substitute is available and the teacher pays a $50 "required substitute deduction". "If Oklahoma can do it, North Carolina can do it". He said the group has behaved much like a union forcing a strike.

"Please take advantage of that", Hellwig said.

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