Treasury Dept. imposes sanctions on Iran Central Bank governor

Central Bank of Iran waits to start a meeting with Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond (unse

Central Bank of Iran waits to start a meeting with Britain's Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond (unse

He argued it failed to address Iran's activities beyond its nuclear pursuits, such as its support for groups like Hezbollah, which is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S.

President Trump just last week announced that the USA was withdrawing from the "defective" Iran nuclear deal and imposing the "highest level" economic sanctions on the country.

Since leaving the deal, the Trump administration's plan has been to reimpose the sanctions lifted under the deal while also imposing secondary sanctions against countries that choose to trade with Iran. Trump called the deal unfair and doubted that it would limit the nuclear ambitions of Tehran. Add that trump intends to immediately impose sanctions against any foreign companies that will do business with Iran.

Typically, when the U.S. punishes individuals with sanctions, it prohibits Americans or United States companies from doing business with them.

"The Iranian regime's deployment into Syria of offensive rocket and missile systems aimed at Israel is an unacceptable and highly risky development for the entire Middle East", the statement said.

"The US won't allow Iran's more and more brazen abuse of the worldwide monetary system", Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin mentioned. "The global community must remain vigilant against Iran's deceptive efforts to provide financial support to its terrorist proxies", Mnuchin said on Tuesday.

The Treasury Department said that Valiollah Seif, the governor of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, sent the funds to Hezbollah through an Iraqi bank, the al-Bilad Islamic Bank.

According to AFP, US officials are pushing for a "North Korea scenario" in Iran, a reference to severe sanctions that Washington believes brought Kim Jong-un to halt missile and nuclear testing. US officials were reaching out Tuesday to central banks in other countries in the Middle East and Europe to inform them of the sanctions and encourage them to immediately freeze assets the bank has overseas. Hezbollah fought a battle with Israel in 2006, and Israeli officers have been deeply involved concerning the prospect of one other confrontation. The sanctions concentrating on Iran's central financial institution executives are among the first actions by Trump's administration since pulling out of the deal to begin ramping up that financial strain.

Though it's uncommon to sanction central financial institution officers, the USA has carried out it earlier than.

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