Yanny or Laurel? The audio clip which has the internet divided

Internet divided over 'Yanny or Laurel' video clip

Internet divided over 'Yanny or Laurel' video clip

An audio clip posted to Twitter has social media users locked in fierce debate, with many comparing it to the infamous "blue/gold dress" from 2015.

Either way, the recording has divided people into two groups - those who hear Laurel, and those who hear Yanny. But what do you hear? Other people are certain it's "yanny". That's why if you hear the clip from different distances, on different devices, or at a different volume, it may sound like a different word.

We chose to poll our Twitter audience to figure out what it hears.

It seems like the majority of folks are hearing "Laurel".

If the odd, robotic voice was saying names of Quebec births, it would nearly certainly be saying "Laurel".

The "audio illusion" is leaving the Internet confused, no matter which side.

Fresh from the blue slash gold dress, the grey slash pink shoes and every other possible "which one is it" meme on the Internet, comes this. "Do people actually hear "Yanny" or is it a joke?" asked Vulture's Tara Abell, also Team Laurel.

Maybe the great "Yanny or Laurel" debate of 2018 will see both of these names feature more prominently in next year's rankings.

The acoustic frequency associated with Yanny is high, and with Laurel, low.

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