That Scumbag Laywer's Racist Rant Is Costing Him

Culture Man Freaks Out & Threatens to Call ICE Because Someone Dared to Speak Spanish In NYC

Culture Man Freaks Out & Threatens to Call ICE Because Someone Dared to Speak Spanish In NYC

What do you think of Aaron Schlossberg's rant?

Mayor Bill de Blasio did not directly address the matter but took to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon and said that the city's diversity "is our strength", noting that the 8.6 million people who speak more than 200 languages are "all New Yorkers" and are "all welcome here".

It reads, "Effective immediately, Aaron Schlossberg will no longer be allowed to access 275 Madison Avenue".

Another attorney was seen telling Schlossberg that he should be disbarred.

A white man's vitriolic rant in a Manhattan eatery Wednesday after overhearing employees speaking to customers in Spanish has gone viral.

"Every person I listen to - he spoke [Spanish], he spoke it, she's speaking it - it's America!" he told the manager in the video. He spoke it. She's speaking it. In the video, the lawyer runs into Morris and then accuses him of being a "foreigner" before threatening to call the police on him.

Serrano says a patron who was in the line before her ordered his food in Spanish and that appeared to agitate Schlossberg.

In commentary afterward, Morris said he was born in MA, and he held up his U.S. passport.

"Maybe you shouldn't eat that sandwich today", the man yells at the woman. "If you're running a place in midtown Manhattan, the people should be speaking English, not Spanish".

The video shows Schlossberg approach Willie Morris, a MA native, and asks, "What country are you from?" "My guess is they're not documented, so my next call is to ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to have each one of [them] kicked out of my country".

Yelp posted a warning about the reviews on the listing for NY attorney Aaron Schlossberg's law firm after his racist rant went viral Wednesday.

Schlossberg, of the Law Office of Aaron M. Schlossberg, specializes in commercial and insurance coverage matters. Just yesterday, on the same day that Schlossberg went viral, our president called deported immigrants "animals"; this just a week after his chief of staff said immigrants "don't have skills" and don't "integrate well". The Yelp page for his law firm has been bombarded by negative reviews - and a handful of supportive ones - as a result of his inadvertent stardom.

Morris said he was walking down the street when a man coming from the opposite direction made eye contact, walked faster toward him and shoved him with his briefcase. (Did we mention that Morris grew up in far-flung nation of Massachusetts?) Morris says he recorded the freakish encounter because it was so upsetting.

"Honestly, it was overwhelming and unexpected", Serrano says of the experience. "This is not OK".

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