Operators of Monmouth Park Say Sports Betting Delay Cost Them $139 Million

The Book on Sports Betting: The House Holds the Cards

The Book on Sports Betting: The House Holds the Cards

The suit filed Thursday in federal court claims the leagues acted in bad faith when they got a restraining order in 2014 to block Monmouth Park Racetrack from offering sports betting.

State across the country now have the go-ahead to legalize betting on sports.

In 1992, the federal government barred states from authorizing sports gambling on the grounds that it threatened the integrity of athletics.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell "falsely swore" in court to the truth of statements about the evils of sports betting, including his statement that "the core entertainment value of fair and honest competition between teams and athletes that is reflected in NFL games will be replaced by the bettor's interest, based not on team or player performance, but on the potential financial impact of each on-the-field event".

On Oct. 24, 2014, the Leagues obtained an injunction preventing Monmouth Park from conducting sports betting. "We know the leagues are wrong". The Leagues were ordered to post a surety bond in the amount of $3.4 million to be paid if it was later determined that Monmouth Park had been wrongfully enjoined. Adds byline.A New Jersey horse racing association has sued the four major pro sports leagues and the NCAA over what it says is more than $130 million in lost sports betting revenue. The NJTHA suit filed Thursday requested sanctions against the leagues.

"The Leagues' quest to prevent Monmouth Park from accepting bets on the Leagues' games and the games of others first began in 2012 and did not stop until the Supreme Court's May 14, 2018 decision forced them to do so".

The leagues claimed that sports betting would result in the fixing of games and would suffer damages if expanded sports betting was allowed.

Sweeney noted there has never been an "integrity fee" - facilitated by a tax law, potentially involving Congress - for sports betting in Nevada, where it long has been legal. "It is obvious that the National Football League does not fear any threat to the integrity of their games even though the public is making bets based on how the NFL's players perform in National Football League games", the NJTHA said in court papers.

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