Trump Abruptly Cancels North Korea Summit With Kim Jong Un

Trump letter to Kim Jong Un canceling June summit

Trump letter to Kim Jong Un canceling June summit

"Our military, which is by far the most powerful anywhere in the world", he said, "is ready if necessary", should Kim react badly to the cancellation.

Now has come the news that a lot of us were expecting-but it is one thing to have a general notion, and another to see a headline in black-and-white on the front page of the New York Times titled "Trump pulls out of June summit meeting with North Korea".

Politically, Trump had invested heavily in the success of the planned summit. This year though has seen warmer relations, including the release of three USA detainees in North Korea. After Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi gave up his nuclear weapons program in 2003, an armed revolution aided by a USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation military intervention ousted him in 2011. Years, later he was ousted and killed with help from NATO-backed troops.

One wonders now, whether North Korea ever meant to go ahead with the talks, or whether it was all part of a game to boost the profile and credibility of the rogue regime.

In the US, Republican Senator Tom Cotton praised President Trump for "seeing through Kim Jong-un's fraud".

But Pompeo told the Senate on Thursday that United States officials had also been having difficulty organising summit planning meetings with their North Korean counterparts, who had gone silent in recent days.

It could be. Trump clearly wants a summit in order to burnish his foreign-policy credentials. He has referred to himself in recent weeks as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.

After all, would Kim really have faced down the leader who, confronted with the most urgent pleas from all of his most loyal allies overseas, was prepared to withdraw from another nuclear pact - with Iran - that was in fact guaranteeing exactly what Trump wanted from Kim?

Convinced that it had been his campaign of "maximum pressure" that had forced Kim to the table, Trump insisted on seizing the moment, and asked Chung to make an immediate statement to the press outside the White House. "It's possible that the existing summit could take place or a summit at some later date", Trump said. So was Japan's foreign minister, Taro Kono.

Kim met with Xi for a second time earlier this month.

The North's decision to close the Punggye-ri nuclear test site has generally been seen as a welcome gesture by Kim to set a positive tone ahead of the summit. That explosion collapsed the complex's north tunnel, which was used for five nuclear tests between 2009 and previous year.

"Nobody should be anxious, we have to get it right", Mr. Trump said.

A mis-timed reference to the "Libya model" of denuclearisation in 2003 was interpreted as a United States threat to topple Mr Kim, Gaddafi style.

Still, the success of any sanctions regime inevitably hinges on China's willingness to squeeze its neighbor.

"The dismantling of the nuclear test ground conducted with high-level transparency has clearly attested once again to the proactive and peace-loving efforts of the [North Korean] government being made for assuring peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and over the world", the North's official news agency reported late Thursday.

Trump could choose to send Secretary of State Mike Pompeo back to Pyongyang for more talks.

Trump also thanked Kim for freeing three USA citizens earlier this month. But Democratic Senator Brian Schatz said the move was what happened "when amateurs are combined with warmongers".

Bergman suggests that the summit might still go ahead but without a prior announcement - taking some of the scrutiny off the two leaders ahead of the meeting.

"I am very perplexed and it is very regrettable that the North Korea-U.S. summit will not be held on June 12 when it was scheduled to be held", Moon said during the meeting at his residence, according to Yonhap.

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