Cutting out booze and bacon dramatically reduces cancer risk

Obesity ups risk of 12 types of cancer       Unhealthy lifestyles having a major impact

Obesity ups risk of 12 types of cancer Unhealthy lifestyles having a major impact

Endometrial cancer saw the biggest risk increase in women with obesity who were more than twice as likely to contract the disease as women with normal weight. Eat little, if any, processed meat. Magdalena Taube and colleagues at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden have shown that obese people who undergo stomach-shrinking bariatric surgery and lose a quarter of their weight have a dramatically decreased risk of the cancer.

Fast food eaters are also at risk for cancer.

The study was compiled by using research involving more than 51 million people.

"Our research shows it's unlikely that specific foods or nutrients are important single factors in causing or protecting against cancer", said Dr Kate Allen, WCRF's executive director of science and public affairs.

There is now strong evidence excessive weight is the cause of at least 12 cancers, five more than when the last WCRF recommendations were published in 2007, the authors said.

The results of the study were scheduled to be presented Wednesday at the European Congress on Obesity, in Vienna, Austria.

Fast food and red and processed meats, on the other hand, should be limited or avoided due to evidence that points to the increased risk of cancer from processed meat consumption.

Want to reduce your risk of cancer by 40 percent?

Alcohol, meanwhile, was "strongly" associated with cancer of the breast, liver, mouth, bowel, throat, esophagus, and stomach.

The report also found that physical activity can help directly protect against three cancers - bowel, breast and womb.

And as more countries adopt Western lifestyles with sedentary living and obesity-causing foods, cancer rates are expected to spike 58% by 2035, causing 24 million global deaths per year, the researchers said.

WCRF are keen to inspire lifestyle changes to lower risks of cancer, as they state that around 40% of cancers are preventable.

Meanwhile, it also found that alcohol is strongly linked to an increased risk of six cancers, one more than a decade ago.

"That's why the Cancer Prevention Recommendations work together as a blueprint to beat cancer, and they're very securely based on evidence that's now been consistent for decades".

Obesity and weight gain are well known to independently increase the risk of several cancers, often referred to as "obesity-related" cancers.

"It is also linked to other health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, heart and liver disease plus mental health problems". Around 3,900 cases relate to people being obese and overweight, 3,200 are caused by excess alcohol consumption and 1,800 are caused by physical inactivity.

"It's clear we need an environment that supports and encourages healthy choices, rather than steering us towards unhealthy options with constant adverts, promotions and offers", she said.

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