Reuben Foster’s Tuscaloosa drug charge has been dismissed

Media column My apology to Reuben Foster and the 49ers

Media column My apology to Reuben Foster and the 49ers

His arrest on the since-dropped domestic violence charges came almost a month later.

He had previously been facing felony charges of domestic violence from his ex-girlfriend that were dropped after it was revealed that she had lied under oath that accused Foster of punching her.

It's been a good week for San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster.

The remaining charge against Foster - possession of an assault weapon - has been reduced to a misdemeanor. The Sacramento Bee reports that the case has been dismissed after Foster completed a diversion course in the state.

The Tuscaloosa county district court clerk said Foster must pay court costs and a $100 bail bond fee as conditions of his case being dismissed, per NFL Network's Tom Pelissero. That process is common among first-time offenders, Brown added.

Despite the legal disposition of the two cases, the National Football League could punish Foster based on its player personal conduct policy.

If Foster draws a NFL-issued suspension, it's hard to envision severe punishment of anything longer than a couple games.

Niners GM John Lynch, in announcing Foster's reinstatement Wednesday, said the team would continue to monitor a misdemeanor gun charge that has not been ruled upon as of yet.

Foster was arrested in Alabama in January and charged with second-degree possession of marijuana.

A conviction on that misdemeanor weapons charge likely would spur a fine, community service, or both, as well as surrendering the weapon.

If the league wants to make something of Foster's gun-possession charge, apparently that is still on the table as it's all that remains on his court docket.

Foster rejoined his 49ers teammates Thursday after missing the previous five-plus weeks of the offseason program.

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