Cockroach milk could be creeping on to the menu

Researchers from the Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in India claim the crystals are like a complete food with all essential amino acids.

Entomilk entered the market two years after the debut of the so-called "cockroach milk", a milk made from the viviparous cockroach named Diploptera punctata.

While a little hard to swallow, the unusual milk crystal produced by certain cockroaches has more essential protein and amino acids than just about any other superfood.

The weird fad superfood is made from crystals secreted by mother roaches to feed their young.

This particular type of cockroach, which is usually found on Pacific islands like Hawaii, gives birth to their babies, as opposed to laying eggs.

There's a new-found hype around cockroach milk (who knew they even produced milk?) and it's being dubbed a "superfood".

Perhaps now that it's 2018, people are more daring and willing to try this somewhat baffling milk alternative. In fact, some firms are trying to get ahead of the trend by selling the bug juice in everything from milk to ice cream, WCBS reported.

It apparently tastes a bit like cow's milk, and is already inspiring companies such as Gourmet Grubb, which is in the process of producing an imitation ice-cream with "entomilk" - a non-dairy milk made from "sustainably farmed" insects.

Nevertheless, several companies have jumped on the cockroach milk bandwagon in the wake of that promising 2016 report, hoping to cash in on what they believe will be the next big food trend. The company says that entomilk is rich in protein content, as well as iron, zinc and calcium. Despite being "among the most nutritious and highly caloric substances on the planet", it is not likely you'll be seeing the Pacific Beetle cockroach's milk crystals showing up on the shelves in the neighborhood health food store anytime soon.

"We have no evidence that it is actually safe for human consumption", said Subramanian Ramaswamy, the lead author of the 2016 study.

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