Days Gone Releases February 22, 2019

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone’s Release Date Announced with New Trailer

PS4 Exclusive Days Gone’s Release Date Announced with New Trailer

Players will also contend with animals like infected ravens and mountain lions, as well as humans who have taken to violence since the downfall of society.

"Days Gone", the next game from Sony's Oregon-based Bend Studio, finally has a release date. In a string of pre-E3 news related to the game, an official trailer announces its release date: February 22. So much so, in fact, that they refuse to kill the zombies.

Sony on Friday began its annual "Days of Play" sales event, which includes a variety of discounts on PlayStation 4 hardware and games.

The quality of Sony's own first party PlayStation 4 exclusives has been remarkably high for the a year ago or so, but if there seemed to be one weak link it was Days Gone.

In a blog post, Bend Studio Creative Director John Garvin details a pair of characters players will meet in one of the survivor camps in "Days Gone" - a weapons dealer named Alkai an camp director Ada. A 2018 release date to allow some room between the games probably would've been ideal for Days Gone's success; but, I'm sure the extra development time will allow for a more polished gameplay experience - which is ultimately what's most important.

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