Imran's party puts on courageous face after Reham bouncer

The former BBC Weather girl went on to say that the PTI could not bring change in the country

The former BBC Weather girl went on to say that the PTI could not bring change in the country

She elaborates about the book's contents, "So I've discussed morality in terms of nepotism, meritocracy or the lack of it, sexual harassment, sexual coercion and how sexual favours are used for political and media positions, and some of [those incidents] are directly related to PTI".

Purported extracts of the book, which Reham says were stolen by hackers, were leaked to the Pakistan media this week, leading the author to seek an injunction to prevent further releases. According to reports, Jemima on said that though she had been "assured" that Reham's book was too "libellous" to be published in the United Kingdom, she would sue on behalf of her son for defamation and breach of privacy if it did see the light of day. "This is grossly defamatory, indecent and disrespectful to our client's late wife. Wasim Akram is an internationally well known former Pakistani cricketer and media personality who is being acknowledged by cricket experts and fans as being one of the best test fast bowlers in the history of first-class cricket", the notice said. Mr Rehman has accused of multiple failings in his marriage through much of the manuscript beginning with the Chapter entitled "The Door" at page 5. She has also accused her first husband of assault. A "pre-action defamation protocol" letter, was issued by a West London law firm to Reham on May 30, on behalf of Dr Rehman, Akram, Bukhari and Khawaja, claiming that the manuscript of her upcoming contains a "litany of malicious, false, incorrect, highly misleading, callous, wanton, tortuous, prejudicial, damaging, libelous and defamatory" imputations against its clients.

Reham revealed to the Sunday Times, also in 2015, that an adviser with Imran's PTI party said her new role as his wife would be to "cook chapatis and not to be seen ever again". Khawaja is referred to as the "chief of the harem" in the book. In the legal notice, she has been asked not to publish the manuscript in its present form and make the necessary changes deleting all the offending material.

Reham has remained at the centre of controversy after the manuscript of her book was leaked online, which irked several PTI leaders who took to Twitter to accuse her of being part of an "agenda" ahead of the 25 July general elections.

According to TOI, the latest book includes details of her interactions with various celebrities and also her marriage.

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