Senate Intel Committee veteran arrested for lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation

Trump’s DOJ seizes private records of a journalist – here’s why they did

Trump’s DOJ seizes private records of a journalist – here’s why they did

However, Watkins maintains Wolfe was not a source of classified information during the time of their relationship.

According to The Times, the Justice Department notified Watkins in February that her email and phone records - but not the content of her communications - had been seized.

The Times reports that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents initially approached Watkins to ask about her relationship with Wolfe, and said they were investigating illegal leaks.

The information given to reporters described in the indictment appears to relate to the committee's interest in Carter Page, an adviser to the Trump presidential campaign who traveled to Russian Federation in 2016, including the news that he had been served with a subpoena by the committee.

BuzzFeed Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith noted that Watkins' time as a reporter for his outlet was covered by the records seized. She did not answer their questions.

The committee's staff follows strict rules for the handling of delicate, and often classified, information for one of the most tightly secured committees in Congress. Mr. Wolfe would have been responsible for enforcing those rules. "Ms. Watkins did not disclose the personal nature of her relationship early on in her tenure, and she was managed accordingly thereafter".

"This will in no way interfere with our ongoing investigation", the statement said. He is set to appear before a federal court in Washington today. He further indicated that he had not had a personal relationship with any of the journalists.

It is alleged that Wolfe used several means to contact reporters, including Signal and WhatsApp. According to the April 2017 Buzzfeed article by Watkins, in a previous indictment dating from January 2015 of Russian intelligence operative Victor Podobnyy, MALE-1 was a reference to Page. Mark Warner, said in a joint statement that they were troubled by the charges. Wolfe cautioned the reporter to "never use [his] name" to any colleagues, the indictment said.

"I felt like I was part of your excitement and was always very supportive of your career and the tenacity that you exhibited to chase down a good story", Wolfe wrote, according to prosecutors.

Leaders of various other outlets spoke out about the government's seizure of Watkins' records.

Katie Pavlich agreed on "America's Newsroom" that the government has every right to prosecute people for leaking classified information, but at the same time reporters have a "valid reason to be concerned" about how the government goes about seizing reporters' electronic information.

"Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of democracy, and communications between journalists and their sources demand protection", said Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy said of the incident.

Donald Trump has decried what he has called leaks in the White House and Congress. Sessions said that authorities were prepared to stop "the culture of leaking". "It is hoped that these charges will be a warning to those who might lie to law enforcement to the detriment of the United States".

A longtime staffer of the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee was arrested on Thursday on charges of lying to FBI agents investigating the illegal disclosure of classified information, the U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia said.

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