No breakfast, IHOB is the International House of Burgers

IHOP reveals what IHOB will stand for

IHOP reveals what IHOB will stand for

IHOP started in Toluca Lake in 1958 as the International House of Pancakes.

Although at least one IHOP location in Hollywood received new IHOb signs, IHOP president Darren Rebelez told CNNMoney the vast majority of the almost 1,800 other locations will still go by IHOP.

IHOP seems to be hedging its bets by saying the IHOb name is "for the time being", suggesting the effort may be more of a marketing ploy rather than a true rebranding campaign.

It also insisted upon replacing the "p" in various words with "b". The "b" is for burgers. Burgers. Social media users were not amused, tweeting such comments as "International House of Betrayal #ihop" and "IHOP: Millennials were about to kill us, so we finished the job ourselves". Talk about yum! The menu boasts classic and newfangled flavors like Jalapeño Kick, Cowboy BBQ and, our favorite, Big Brunch-a burger loaded with smoked bacon, crispy potatoes, American cheese and a fried egg.

Rebelez said that bringing burgers to an iconic restaurant like IHOP was a "fantastic combination".

Other companies like MoonPie and Pop-Tarts threw some not-so-subtle shade at IHOb.

More Money: McDonald's: You buy more from touch-screen kiosks than a person. "And, when you try them, I think you'll agree with me that IHOb's new line of Ultimate Steakburgers are so good that I'd put them up against anyone's ... just like our pancakes".

"For 60 pancakin' years, we've been IHOP".

While the reviews still appear to be mixed, IHOP's marketing team definitely did their job and got people talking about it.

With that being said, they have "breakfast" burgers, as well. "If you want a burger and beer, you are not going to come to IHOP".

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