PUBG Event Pass is the Game's Answer to Fortnite's Battle Pass



For the first time since its debut in March 2017, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is selling at a discount on Steam.

That means you can get a slice of the battle royale action for $19.99 in the USA (around AU$27), rather than $29.99, or £18.08 in the United Kingdom rather than £26.99. If you want to pick up the game for the first time or gift it to a friend, you'll be able to grab it for just $19.99 (33.33% off the normal price). The reason for the sale, PUBG Corp. says, is to celebrate the game hitting a new sales milestone. Over 87 million people play PUBG every day across all our platforms. In conjunction with the launch of the new Sanhok map this Friday on 22 June, the Event Pass system will also go live. This is a more compact environment, which should make for tense battles, and a new weapon will be made available in conjunction with the fresh map. The free tier is for players to experience what it means to unlock additional content without spending money.

"To start, we tried to establish a cosmetic market based on scarcity by introducing a crate and key system", PUBG Corp. writes in a post explaining the Event Pass.

The Event Pass lasts for four weeks, and will have daily objectives, weekly objectives and Sanhok specific objectives as an incentive for playing in Sanhok. If you want to grab PUBG while it's on discount - it's now going for RM50.24 instead of RM74.99 - you can do so here. There are missions players can complete - which will then unlock cosmetic items - you can level up your pass, and even "free players" can get certain items too.

The Event Pass system as well as the new Sanhok map will be available on 22 June 2018.

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