Apple's AirPower wireless charger could arrive in September

Apple's AirPower wireless charger may not be released until September (AAPL)

Apple's AirPower wireless charger may not be released until September (AAPL)

A Bloomberg report says Apple is targeting a September release for the long-awaited accessory, probably alongside the 2018 iPhone models. In order to be able to place any device anywhere on the mat, multiple charging sensors must be integrated.

Apple's AirPower wireless charging pad could arrive a full year after the first compatible iPhones were released. Unlike other chargers, AirPower was created to charge three devices including an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods.

The report states that Apple had originally meant to release the product in June, but difficulties in bringing the simultaneous charging of multiple devices to reality have caused some delays. Each of the supported devices already includes a charger, and single-product wireless chargers can generally be had for $30 to $50.

The AirPower mat, which can wirelessly charge an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, was first demoed at Apple's iPhone X launch event in September past year. Apple's adoption of wireless charging on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X is going to give the Qi wireless charging technology a major push and within a few years, wireless chargers should become a commonplace.

Apple has had to address issues regarding overheating and the "complexity of the circuitry" within the mat. It is now aiming to launch the device in September.

Apple is still to announce the price for the AirPower charging solution, but we're expecting it to be around £175/$200.

'Hopefully, Apple learns a lesson to only announce products that are for sure shipping soon or immediately after announcing, ' Ben Bajarin, analyst at Creative Strategies, told Bloomberg. He write that Apple designers eventually hope to "remove most of the external ports and buttons on the iPhone", noting Apple even considered removing wired charging from the iPhone X, but decided wireless charging was not yet fast enough. The company touted the wireless charger as an ideal solution for its iPhones, Apple Watch, and other accessories. Testing has purportedly ramped up with engineers using the device as their charger at the office.

Removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus was just the start for Apple when it came to limiting options for the average user.

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