The high-end GT segment gets a new contender - Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

Superleggera name was always reserved for most aggressive Aston Martin models. Still

Superleggera name was always reserved for most aggressive Aston Martin models. Still

Aston Martin is expected to lift the veil off the new DBS Superleggera very soon.

This 15-minute clip, presented by Shmee150, shows the DBS Superleggera top to bottom, and both inside and out.

"In terms of positioning, the DBS Superleggera replaces the current Vanquish as the flagship of our core range", Matthew Clarke, Aston's US spokesman, told Penta.

Aston's chief engineer Max Szwaj says the DBS is "faster, lighter, more potent, and more sophisticated". In terms of efficiency, the V12 returns a combined 22.9 mpg or 12.28 litres per 100 km. A stiffer rear sub-frame, a Dynamic Stability Control system, and revised engine mounts should equate to a more dynamic, responsive, and exciting driving experience, akin to that of the new Vantage but with slightly more refinement.

Nobody builds "bird cage" auto bodies on separate chassis any more but the new DBS lives up to its Superleggera nameplate by combining an evolution of the latest generation lightweight bonded aluminium structure first seen on the DB11, featuring forged double wishbones in front and a sophisticated multi-link system at the rear, with carbon-fibre body panels for a dry weight of 1693kg - 72 kilograms lighter than the DB11. A mechanically operated limited-slip differential is also part of the package. Double-wishbones remain at the front along with a multi-link set-up at the rear. Drivers can adjust the settings of the chassis and the powertrain to three different modes: GT, Sport, and Sport Plus.

The headlights are LED units which incorporate a daytime running light and a lock/unlock graphic. It also features a quad exhaust and standard 21-inch wheels. Braking is taken care of thanks to 410 mm front and 360 mm rear ventilated carbon-ceramic discs.

Thankfully, the weight saving isn't continued inside, as DBS Superleggera features a generous level of standard luxury and technology. The interior is fully leather with Caithness or Balmoral options. It will even have back seats, although they will be much less comfortable than the ones up front, especially for adults. As usual, there's the Mercedes-Benz Comand-derived infotainment system as standard, using a freestanding centre display and a rotary controller.

The luxury vehicle also has a nice injection of tech inclusions that come as standard, such as keyless entry, satellitr navigation, a Wi-Fi hub, and a 360-degree camera with parking distance and park assist.

There is also an integrated sat nav and wi-fi hub, which is all controlled on the central LCD screen and dial.

As you'd expect from Aston's newest flagship, the DBS Superleggera is powered by a 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12, and comes with a price to match its road presence: it'll start at £225,000 in the UK.

Prices will start from £225,000 in the United Kingdom, 274,995 euros in Germany and $304,995 in the USA.

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