Japan's 'psychic' octopus killed, turned into sashimi

Paul doing his thing back in 2010. Credit PA

Paul doing his thing back in 2010. Credit PA

He never saw it coming.

An octopus who had correctly predicted the results of all Japan's World Cup group stage games was turned into seafood before the team had even kicked a ball in the knockout round of the tournament.

Rabiot managed to correctly predict Japan's win against Colombia, their draw with Senegal, and their loss against Poland.

He did this by swimming to various corners of a small paddling pool, each labeled Win, Lose, or Draw.

Rabiot's owner and local fisherman Kisuo Abe told Mainichi that he was happy Rabiot correctly predicted all three of Japan's group matches, adding that he hoped the '"second Rabiot can help Japan go all the way".

But Rabiot managed some posthumous revenge.

Perhaps if Rabiot had still been alive he could have given a head's up about Japan's heartbreaking final minute defeat to Belgium in the round 16 knockout game.

In 2010, German octopus Paul correctly predicted six World Cup games, amassing an impressive overall tally of 12 correct match picks out of a total of 14.

But sadly, despite his 100% track record, Rabiot, who was caught in Obira, Hokkaido, has been unable to predict his team's result against Belgium - because he has become someone's dinner.

Rabiot is not the first animal prophet to capture the hearts and minds of World Cup fans. Paul passed away peacefully in his aquarium at the Sea Life Center in Oberhausen in 2012.

This year, a Russian cat named Achilles is being touted as the latest psychic animal, after correctly predicting that the hosts would beat Saudi Arabia and Egypt - though he incorrectly backed Nigeria in their spat with Argentina, which beat them 2-1.

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