Zimbabwe election a 'critical test': European Union chief observer

Zimbabwe election a 'critical test': European Union chief observer

Zimbabwe election a 'critical test': European Union chief observer

He said starting next week, he would be despatching teams to the African Union (AU) and the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) to implore them to pile pressure on the unflinching President Emmerson Mnangagwa administration to accept demands for electoral reforms.

Opposition parties are accusing Zec of working with Zanu PF to steal the upcoming ballot. Speaking to The Herald in an interview, the ZEC leader said that while the commission does engage with the observers to educate them on Zimbabwe' electoral laws, it is not under their control. "Hence, we back the efforts by our colleagues in the MDC Alliance as well as any other efforts by other players to achieve the same", Nyandoro said.

Mugabe's successor and former ally, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has pledged to hold free and fair elections as he seeks to mend global relations and draw in foreign investment.

People's Rainbow Coalition secretary-general Gift Nyandoro said his party would not boycott the elections.

"Boycotting is not an option, but we will continue knocking (on Zec's doors)".

Further, no observation was allowed but instead representatives of political parties were made to watch the printing machines rolling from a distance.

Spokesperson of the NPF faction that is presently being fronted by interim president Ms Eunice Sandi-Moyo - who took over after the recent purported ouster of Brigadier-General Ambrose Mutinhiri on June 8 - corroborated Mrs Mahoko's position, saying the senior party member was speaking from an "informed position". Elections will go ahead.

"We are mobilising our supporters to demonstrate so that we stop this election if Zec continues on this path where it is choosing to be arrogant", said Begede. "But when Chamisa wins, they should salute, they will be saluting the government, not me", he said.

The European Union Election Observation Mission to Zimbabwe has implored stakeholders to put great efforts in ensuring public and political confidence in the forthcoming elections which are a key determinant for the country's future. "I don't think the election will be stopped".

The mission commended the peace that is prevailing in the country and the pronouncement by the Zimbabwe Defence Forces that they will adhere to the dictates of the constitution after the polls.

"She was also talking about the negotiations that we are having with the MDC Alliance where we have submitted our request that one of our members should be the Vice President".

The observation mission also expressed optimism the presence of worldwide, regional and local observers will support the conduct of credible elections. "Those are capable of stopping the election", he said.

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