Maisie Williams Says Goodbye To Arya In Cryptic Post

Press Eye- All Ireland Rally For Life 2018- Stormont- Belfast- 7th July 2018

Press Eye- All Ireland Rally For Life 2018- Stormont- Belfast- 7th July 2018

With Game of Thrones coming to a close in its final season when it airs on HBO next year, the actors are slowly but surely saying goodbye to the fantasy series. 'What a joy I've had.

Game of Thrones has been shot in locations such as Northern Ireland, Croatia, Iceland, Morocco, Spain and Malta, among others.

Filming on the final season of HBO's Game of Thrones has wrapped.

Maisie posted a picture of her bloody shoes on her Instagram account on Saturday, possibly hinting that her character may have met her end. "Most interesting though is the hastags that Williams chose to use, "#lastwomanstanding #barely" raises the question; is Ayra Stark the last character to survive after the final season and what was the price she paid to receive the hashtag "barely".

Some suggested it was simply referring to the fact that Maisie is the last of the actresses to film her scenes.

The hashtag has left viewers desperate to know more and wondering whether she just dropped a huge spoiler and will be one of the last battling for the Iron Throne.

We are used to seeing Emilia Clarke as Khaleesi and Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark - but what do these stars look like when they're not in Game Of Thrones?

When asked about her all-pink flat she resides in, Maisie revealed how she used to hide the fact her favourite colour was pink, choosing instead to opt for what she thought was a "less-girly" shade of green. "I've always had that dream", she said.

Maisie went on to explain how she has never found Game of Thrones misogynistic, despite many criticising it for just that.

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