NATO Braces for Trump Visit, But Fears May Be Overplayed

Trump NATO chief

Trump NATO chief

US President Donald Trump berated fellow North Atlantic Treaty Organisation members on Monday for not contributing enough to the alliance while maintaining a trade surplus with the United States, keeping up a recent drumbeat of criticism before meeting European leaders this week in Brussels. "It's not as much as 2 percent yet, but I think they will recommit more to do more because they realize that Europe does need to do more and they are the strongest of the economies in Europe", Hutchison added.

His remarks came ahead of the NATO Summit in Brussels on July 11-12 and amid a rift on Ankara's missile weapons systems deal with Russian Federation. They're supporting a Syrian dictator who is using chemical weapons on his own people to kill even children and it's just on and on and on.

I'll leave it to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III to say whether there are sinister motives for Trump's consistent willingness to look past Putin's many transgressions - to name a few, Putin's attempts to subvert Western democracies, including ours; his illegal annexation of Crimea; his human rights violations and muzzling of free speech, including the press; and his alleged assassinations of dissidents overseas, including an attempt to kill a former intelligence agent in Britain with a Soviet-era nerve agent. When I served as Nato's supreme allied commander from 2009-2013, we had controversy and disagreements aplenty over Afghanistan and Libya, for example, and endless arguments over equitable burden-sharing between the United States and the other allies.

"It's not us", Putin has told Trump, the official summarized.

Around half of those polled said that relations between Russian Federation and the United States are tense (49%), while the number of those sharing this opinion was 30% in 2017.

"The new strategy may call for more European military efforts", the former adviser to Senate Armed Services Chairman John McCain and Pentagon leaders said.

"When Putin will deny any involvement in the elections in 2016, the reject denial challenge".

"Russia should be in this meeting", Trump said in June.

The US president has been unleashing scathing attacks on America's traditional allies ahead of the meeting, which will be followed by a one- on- one with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

President Trump was speaking with Putin on the phone just days after the Russian leader won his election in March, in what what was widely believed to be a rigged race with a landslide 77 per cent of the vote. The European governments are also curious about the road map of USA foreign policy in regards to its relation with Russian Federation.

Much of the rest of Trump's foreign policy is equally freaky.

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