Orange is the New Black Season 6 Trailer & Poster Released!

The First Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season Six Shows Life In Max

The First Trailer For ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Season Six Shows Life In Max

On top of new inmates to worry about, they are being interrogated about what happened during the riot and who was in charge, likely meaning someone is going to have a serious amount of years added to their sentence.

Orange Is the New Black Season 6 is on the way!

Check out the season six trailer for Jenji Kohan's prison dramedy below. All we know is that we don't think we trust her.

Orange is the New Black returns for its sixth season on Netflix on July 27, 2018. On the other hand, in order to pay that off in a believable manner means watching these characters get punished harder than we've ever seen before. The finale saw many fan favorites - including Suzanne (Uzo Aduba), Piper (Taylor Schilling), Taystee (Danielle Brooks), Red (Kate Mulgrew), Nicky (Natasha Lyonne), and Gloria (Selenis Leyva) - being captured by officials and bussed away to an undisclosed location. The almost 2-and-half-minute trailer is just what Orange is the New Black fans need to wait out the next few weeks. The core group now finds itself in maximum security, where the game is not what they are used to - blues and khakis join the mix - and the pressure to roll over on their friends emerges. 'We have iron wills, and f*cking nothing to lose'. The women have to start from the bottom and have to navigate new rules and power dynamics, getting hazed by inmates and tortured by guards.

"Will they take plea deals and turn on each other or band together and keep their bonds intact?" asks the show's press release.

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