Pompeo raises issue of detained American in Vietnam

North Korea says it won’t bow down to “gangster-like” U.S. on denuclearization

North Korea says it won’t bow down to “gangster-like” U.S. on denuclearization

And few likely expected China to take advantage of the diplomatic opening to further advance its geo-strategic interests in region.

Former New Mexico governor and veteran diplomat Bill Richardson said on Sunday that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is "two for three" in his dealings with North Korea, despite accusations from the Hermit Kingdom that he engaged in "gangster-like" behavior during a recent visit.

"We talked about what the North Koreans are continuing to do and how it's the case that we can get our arms around achieving what Chairman Kim and President Trump both agreed to, which is the complete denuclearisation of North Korea", Pompeo said.

"Kim has played Trump like a Stradivarius", writes Boot.

After wrapping up his talks in Tokyo, Pompeo yesterday left for Vietnam, where he met with Vietnamese Communist Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in Hanoi.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went to North Korea last week hoping to "fill in" the details of a general commitment to "complete denuclearization" of the divided peninsula following an unprecedented U.S.

The US president and North Korean leader met in Singapore nearly a month ago for an unprecedented summit between sitting leaders of the two countries, which resulted in a general joint declaration that did not include a timetable or concrete commitments from North Korea on denuclearisation.

Graham cited the ongoing trade war between Washington and Beijing as the possible motivation. In other words, North Korea is back to the "salami-slicing" approach that has dogged decades of fruitless negotiations.

Some U.S. experts said the disputes highlight the risk of Trump granting premature concessions to North Korea.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, responding to similar comments from USA lawmakers over the weekend, said that blaming Beijing for wanting to trip up U.S.

Instead he came away with agreements to talk more and an angry denunciation from the North, which accused the Americans of making "gangster-like" demands for unilateral disarmament.

The North Korean statement indicated such gestures hadn't gone far enough, saying the United States moves were "highly reversible" and left its military force intact "without scraping even a rifle". We sell them $100 billion, they sell is $500 billion, we can hurt them more than they will hurt us.

Pompeo, who spoke with Trump, national security adviser John Bolton and White House chief of staff John Kelly by secure phone before starting Saturday's session, replied that he "slept just fine".

WASHINGTON-President Donald Trump said Monday that he was confident North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would "honor the contract" the two leaders signed last month in Singapore, while suggesting that China was "exerting negative pressure" on the agreement amid its trade fight with the U.S.

The top USA diplomat continued to describe his conversations with senior North Korean officials as "productive", even as North Korea attacked the US negotiating stance.

The president's comments on China appeared to reflect concern that US imposition of punitive tariffs on Chinese imports last week could make China less cooperative in pressuring the North over its nuclear and missile programs.

This, he said, has "stoked distrust and increased the danger of war".

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