Netflix launches Smart Downloads

Netflix makes it easier to manage downloaded shows on Android

Netflix makes it easier to manage downloaded shows on Android

"You watch, we do the work", summed up the post, which is attributed to Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation.

With this "smart" new functionality, the Netflix app will start downloading the next episode for a show as soon as you finish watching the previous one. Since 2016, Netflix has allowed members to download content and watch it offline when there is no internet signal.

Note that the Smart Downloads feature is activated only when you're using Wi-Fi, and not on cellular connectivity.

Netflix has unveiled a new feature today that will help you better manage your downloaded TV series.

After downloading the latest update, available starting today, you'll find Smart Downloads in the app's Settings menu.

The app for both iOS and Android, however, is absolutely free, and you can grab it from the links below. But as competitors like Amazon Prime Video began offering downloads, and as Netflix itself expanded internationally to markets where mobile connectivity wasn't as reliable as in the US, Netflix relented. And smart downloads will progress into the next season of a series.

The new Smart Downloads feature is now only available on the Android version of Netflix.

Binge-watching your favorite shows on Netflix is about to become a little bit more convenient. We assume it will delete the final few episodes from your device and then simply not download anything after, but you'll have to test it out to see if that's true.

Smart downloads will only queue up shows you've already downloaded in the past - it won't randomly download a suggested show, thankfully - and the automatic deletion of old episodes will free up space on your device.

This works even if you have more than one episode downloaded, as well.

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