UK’s May halts revolt over Brexit trade bill

Former British prime minister Tony Blair says it's time for Theresa May to admit

Former British prime minister Tony Blair says it's time for Theresa May to admit"there's no way out and call another Brexit referendum

Dr Lee, who has joined the ranks of Tory Remainer rebels since quitting the government last month in protest at Mrs May's Brexit strategy, described Monday's events as "the worst experience I've had in politics in eight years".

He said the slender margin by which the vote was passed showed how important it was to continue to fight for a clean Brexit. The new UK Brexit secretary Dominic Raab will meet the EU'S chief negotiator Michel Barnier on Thursday (19 July). "We have time in these negotiations - we have changed tack once and we can change again".

She tweeted: "Govt are running scared and using silly tactics to avoid plotting by their own MPs".

Resignation statements have previously been used by former ministers to inflict a departing blow on prime ministers with whom they have clashed.

"If the final deal was watered down such that it is no longer Brexit, I would be prepared to vote against it", she said. "We should not and need not be stampeded by anyone". I understand she's also criticised me for looking for a solution that is workable.

Mr Varadkar said: "We've done a lot of preparations already, the public finances are in good order, I know some people are telling me we shouldn't set up a rainy day fund and that we shouldn't go about balancing the books, but if we do run into trouble over the next couple of years, it will be because of Brexit".

Labour also says the June 2016 referendum vote to leave the European Union must be respected but has attacked the PM over the splits in her party.

His remarks come amid reports that European Union chiefs have already come to the conclusion that the PM's long-awaited Chequers white paper will end up being torn up - just a week after it was unveiled.

A spokesman for the prime minister said the amendments were "consistent" with the White Paper policy document which developed the Chequers plan.

The idea of a three-way referendum, proposed this week by former Cabinet minister Justine Greening, is itself unpopular with voters, with only 36% in favour of the proposal and 47% opposed to the idea. "Theresa May should finally accept that and get on with the job of negotiating for Britain".

An indication of how precarious Mrs May's position is came in a YouGov poll for the Times, which put the Conservatives on 36% - down one point from last week - behind Labour on 41%, up two points.

A European ambassador said: 'It will be a balancing act. "As the Prime Minister said, no deal is better than a bad deal".

As the post-Brexit trade blueprint would see the United Kingdom abiding by European Union rules in order to have a free trade deal, it stirred outcry among Brexiteers who claimed the deal would be akin to Britain remaining in the bloc.

The drastic step has only ever been taken when the country has been at war.

It was bolstered by the support of four pro-Brexit opposition Labour Party MPs.

While noting "political instability in London and turmoil in Westminster", he told the Irish state broadcaster RTE: "It's not obvious that the government of Britain has the majority for any form of Brexit quite frankly".

Nearly three-quarters of Britons do not believe Theresa May has control of her own party, according to a Sky Data poll.

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