Was Death of George H.W. Bush's Doctor an Act of Revenge?

Pappas the suspect in the killing of cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht

Pappas the suspect in the killing of cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht

Houston Methodist Hospital, where Dr Hausknecht worked for almost 30 years, said in a statement it is "still in shock about the senseless killing of one of our longtime physicians".

According to real estate website Har.com, a man with the name Joseph James Pappas is listed as "a licensed real estate service provider in Houston, Texas", and he owns the Pappas Realty Company. Pappas most recently worked as a reserve officer in Harris County, Texas, from 1995 to 2013.

The suspect's mother was a patient of the doctor and died during surgery 20 years ago, Acevedo said.

"We also learned that the suspect had not been heard from by people that know him for over 24 hours and there is a text that he sent someone that said he was going to kill himself", the police chief added.

An ex-policeman wanted for killing a famed heart surgeon sought revenge after his mother died on the operating table two decades ago, say police.

Investigators told Fox 26 that Pappas was believed to be armed and unsafe. "There was a lot of planning and sadly some skill".

The victim was gunned down in the Texas Medical Center while riding his bike to work. Authorities said the shooter rode past Hausknecht before turning around and firing.

Bilinosky, who grew up on the street behind the Pappas home in southwest Houston, said the younger Pappas was respectful but she didn't spend much time with him or his sister. He declined to elaborate as to the nature of the evidence.

He and Pappas were both seen riding their bicycles in the area shortly before the shooting.

Unlike other evidence, police say Pappas's bicycle has not been recovered.

In 2000, Hausknecht treated Mr.

He is pictured with President HW Bush in 2000 after treating him for an irregular heartbeat. Based on communications with Pappas' acquaintances, detectives said the suspect may be highly suicidal.

"He was a loner", he said.

Most of the homes are single-story ranch homes with neatly manicured lawns.

Acevedo also disclosed what police believe was Pappas's motive for murdering Hausknecht.

Pappas cracked the door open and peeked out, then opened the door wider.

Herd said he and Pappas had few words but would wave at each other in passing - the last time on Saturday, when Pappas waved at him as Herd washed his vehicle in his driveway. But he doesn't remember hearing Pappas speak bitterly about his mother's death.

But "it hit him hard", he said, and Pappas stopped attending church for a long time afterward.

On Tuesday, police released another video from a home-security camera that showed the suspect riding his bike in a nearby neighborhood minutes after Hausknecht was shot. "I'm stunned", said Kathy Bilinosky, whose father was good friends with the elder Pappas.

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