FCA Wants To Block Mahindra From Selling Jeep Lookalike In U.S.

FCA says the Roxor shown has key Jeep characteristics such as a boxy body shape with flat-appearing vertical sides

FCA says the Roxor shown has key Jeep characteristics such as a boxy body shape with flat-appearing vertical sides

American SUV icon Jeep's parent company Fiat Chrysler has filed a complaint with the US International Trade Commission seeking to ban Indian automotive giant Mahindra from importing its Roxor SUV into the United States.

According to Bloomberg, in a complaint lodged with the US International Trade Commission - not the US Patent Office - in Washington on August 1, FCA said the Mahindra Roxor infringed Jeep's signature design and provided photos to prove it. "Roxor was conceived, designed, engineered and is being produced in Metro Detroit by Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA)", Mahindra had said at the time of launch. Alleging that it is almost a copy of the iconic Willys Jeep, the US-based auto company lodged a complaint with the US International Trade Commission on August 1, stating that the design elements of Mahindra's Roxor infringes some key design elements of Jeep. Built in India since 1949, the Roxor's first ancestor was a Willys-licensed design that very closely resembled the military Jeep. It must be noted that FCA is relying on Jeep vehicles to drive sales.

Mahindra's off-roader for the U.S. market runs into rough terrain as FCA accuses carmaker of violating Jeep's design.

The ROXOR is a descendant of earlier Jeep-style models that Mahindra has been making for decades, and one of the models that the automaker, which has been trying to gain a foothold in the USA, has been selling in other markets for quite some time.

The 1377kg Mahindra Roxor measures just 3759mm long and 1574mm wide - 480mm shorter and 303mm narrower than the smallest, two-door Wrangler and more like a Suzuki Jimny. ROXOR's off-road status in the U.S.is largely a legal necessity, as it's very much an on-road vehicle in other countries. According to The Detroit News, Mahindra responded to the complaint Friday, calling it without merit given past agreements between the company and FCA.

Unlike side-by-side competitors such as the Polaris RZR ATV and Kawasaki Mule Pro, the Mahindra Roxor does not come with smaller twin-cylinder engines and belt-drive. Transmission on offer is a 5-speed manual gearbox with a 2-speed low-ratio gearbox.

Mahindra has been operating in the U.S. since 2017, when it opened a facility in Southeast Michigan. It is positioned in the Side x Side powersports segment. The trucks can be found at off-road vehicle dealers with prices starting around $15,000.

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