Rhino attacks vehicle at safari park

No one was injured in the startling attack More

No one was injured in the startling attack More

Video taken at a safari park in Mexico shows a rhinoceros ramming an SUV several times with a family inside. A massive rhino attacked a family's SUV and would simply not give up, despite desperate attempts from the driver to get away.

The vehicle was reportedly damaged in the incident but nobody was injured. Still, when it started its attack on the vehicle, it proved relentless.

The huge animal rocks the auto up and down at the beginning of clip after hooking its horn under the bumper - which is torn off during the worrying encounter.

In the video the rhino can be seen standing next to the vehicle before suddenly starting to ram it with its horn.

As for what prompted the attack, the park says the rhino was just showing off to a female in heat.

Local media reported no one was injured and that the rhino is now in a different section. What would a guy not do to impress the ladies?!

The incident is an "isolated case", and the park will continue to work to ensure the welfare and safety of its animals and visitors, it said.

'We took the necessary measures in order to avoid something similar happening again.

Gonzalez Aguilar said Friday park employees on foot tried to control or distract the animal, then closed that part of the park.

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