'I thought, well, that's enough': Robert Redford to retire from acting

Jim Spellman  WireImage  Getty Images

Jim Spellman WireImage Getty Images

"It's great seeing these two actors, who I love so much, spend time smiling". How has his long career in Hollywood impacted his net worth?

It's Redford making good on a 2016 announcement that was considering retirement from acting.

Robert Redford is calling it a career after almost 60 years as one of his generation's most iconic actors.

He was born in Santa Monica, California on August 18, 1936.

He later appeared in similarly iconic films such as The Way We Were, The Natural and All The President's Men.

Redford won an Academy Award in 1981 for best director for "Ordinary People" and has a string of other directing credits, including the critically claimed "A River Runs Through It" and "Quiz Show".

(Courtesy United Artists) Robert Redford (left) and Tom Skerritt play US soldiers fighting in Korea, in the 1962 drama "War Hunt".

The same year, Redford bought the old Timp Haven ski resort in Provo Canyon and renamed it for the character that brought him fame: Sundance.

He was born on August 18, 1936. But first, he has one more role up his sleeve.

Actor Robert Redford addresses the media at an opening day news conference for the Sundance Film Festival at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City, Utah, January 16, 2014. He still oversees the Sundance Film Festival and Sundance Institute every year, and he would not rule out directing again while chatting with EW.

Previously, he was married to Lola Van Wagenen from 1958 to 1985. They had four children, one of whom died as an infant.

The 1963 play was a hit and opened the door to more films, including the film adaptation of Barefoot opposite Fonda, which made him a popular leading man.

The Old Man & The Gun also stars Sissy Spacek, Danny Glover, Tom Waits and Casey Affleck. His first major film acting role came in 1962's War Hunt acting opposite Sydney Pollack, who would later direct him in seven movies including Jeremiah Johnson, The Way We Were, Three Days of the Condor and Best Picture victor Out of Africa.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the 81-year-old Redford (Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Captain America: Winter Soldier) confirmed that he was following through on his 2016 desire to retire from acting.

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