At least 142 dead after natural disaster strikes Indonesian island of Lombok

What Caused Massive Magnitude-7 Indonesian Earthquake

What Caused Massive Magnitude-7 Indonesian Earthquake

The Indonesian Red Cross said it had set up 10 mobile clinics in the north of the island and a field hospital had been established near an evacuation centre catering to more than 500 people in the village of Tanjung.

Tragically, however, 142 people are said to have died in the disaster after the quake hit the island of Lombok. Food, medical supplies, tarps and clothes are also urgently needed.

Two days after the quake, rescuers are still struggling to reach all the affected areas and authorities say they expect the death toll to rise.

"In this area, there's subduction, so the Australian plate is moving under the Sunda plate, and the Australian plate is moving to the north underneath the Sunda plate", Paul Caruso, a USGS geophysicist, told Live Science.

"You're safe, mister", said one of the soldiers as emotion overcame the man, clad in Islamic robes, and villager s crowded around him.

About 90 personnel from the military, police and national search and rescue agency swarmed around the flattened building on Tuesday, using cutting equipment to pry apart the tangled debris. "We saw everybody leaving in boats but no boat came to us", he told AFP.

The hotel where they were staying, which Montgomery-Lay said is about 40 kilometres from the epicentre of the natural disaster, was evacuated for most of Sunday night so staff could ensure it's was structurally sound.

That killed 17 people and briefly stranded hundreds of trekkers on the slopes of a volcano.

Nugroho told a news briefing on Monday some areas there were cut off after bridges collapsed. "All the locals were frantically running and screaming, putting on lifejackets".

His wife Maude, 44, said the family was on Bali for the first quake and Lombok for the second.

What was supposed to be a bucket-list family trip after her daughter was diagnosed with brain cancer, turned into a harrowing tale of survival mode as a powerful quake hit Indonesia leaving the family stuck on a popular tourist island, said a British Columbia woman.

TRT World's Aishe Jamal has more.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Mr O'Sullivan said that around 30 of those were evacuated on Sunday night but the remainder were on the beach in some cases for up to 36 hours waiting to be evacuated.

Thousands of tourists have left Lombok since Sunday, fearing further earthquakes, some on extra flights added by airlines and others on ferries to Bali.

"Some are choosing to stay; others are looking for way to leave the island", Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, who is in neighbouring Bali for a conference, said.

Australia's Minister for Home Affairs, Peter Dutton, was also on Lombok. So many people are starting to get sick because they have been sleeping outside from the first quake incident [on July 29]. "One man at the hotel, for example, cooked food for everyone on the island", she said.

A British tourist on the small Gili islands off the coast of Lombok described the panic that ensued to The Guardian: "The most terrifying part was the tsunami warning that followed".

TV showed crying women consoling each other outside Lombok's airport.

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