Ontario brewers that offer buck-a-beer may get LCBO incentives

Premier Doug Ford has said bringing back buck a beer would allow more competition in the beer market

Premier Doug Ford has said bringing back buck a beer would allow more competition in the beer market

Before 2008, "buck-a-beer" did exist, until the Liberal government boosted the price of a 24-pack of beer from $24 to $25.60. The price does not include a bottle deposit and does not apply to draft beer. It's up to brewers to actually pass down the savings of $1 beer to consumers.

"You can't go anywhere without people asking 'when are you guys going to bring back buck a beer, '" Finance Minister Vic Fedeli, who was on-hand for the announcement, said.

Speaking at a brewery in Picton, Ont., on Tuesday, the premier said the program, which was one of his promises during the spring election campaign, will not cost taxpayers anything. "They created a new rule, another piece of red tape that made a buck-a-beer illegal", said Mr. Ford.

It is unknown if any additional Ontario craft breweries will participate.

"Lowering the price of alcohol carries implications and risks for public safety", MADD Canada said in a statement.

The lower price, which is limited to beer with an alcohol volume of less than 5.6 per cent, will take effect on August 27 and is expected to be reflected on store shelves on Labour Day weekend.

The Ford government also has plans to allow the sale of beer and wine in corner stores.

When asked whether participating brewers would be subsidized to make up the difference in price, CTV News Toronto was told there would be "zero" financial incentives. The price floor will affect beer that contains an alcohol percentage below 5.6%. Beers lowered to $1 could receive promotional and advertising support, short-term discounts and more prominent displays in the stores.

The Tories have previously said that the return of buck-a-beer would see more competition in the beer market without affecting the province's revenues from beer and wine taxes.

Barley Days Brewery - one of the first breweries to open in Prince Edward County - has noted they plan to release a $1 beer created specifically for that price point.

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