Jarvis Landry goes on profanity-laced rant in Hard Knocks season premiere

Browns player holding a football

Browns player holding a football

From Hue Jackson dealing with the death of his brother and mother while trying to coach his team, to new Browns wide receiver Jarvis Landy using extremely colorful language to inform his fellow receivers that their work ethic wasn't acceptable, to rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield, the first-overall pick in the draft, having his contract explained to him, the cameras and microphones take you places you are never invited.

HBO's new season of "Hard Knocks" debuted on Tuesday night, and the reviews are good for the show in general and a few players/team officials in particular.

The wide receiver, who came over to the Browns in an offseason trade from the Miami Dolphins, spoke up at a receivers meeting to address players not practicing. After four practices, though, the Browns were forced to move him out of his comfort zone in order to ensure the best five linemen would be on the field.

"You start your career how you want to, you see what I'm saying?"

"If I don't lay out things the right way and the presentation is poor, they're going to have my ass", Roback said. But, if you're not hurting, if your hamstring isn't falling off the f--ing bone, your leg ain't broke, I don't know, you should be f--ing practicing. Like you should be [expletive] practicing. Like, straight up, that s-- is weakness. That [expletive] been here in the past, and that's why the past has been like it is, bro.

If you have an HBO subscription, you can watch Hard Knocks Episode 1 on HBO Go or via HBO Now. The best part? You can sample HBO on Prime with a 7-day free trial.

The message he delivered, Deadspin says, "is a pretty simple one: If you aren't injured, you should be practicing". All that "me" s- don't f- live here no more. That [expletive] ain't happening here. That [expletive] is not [expletive] happening here. I'm hurting, I'm exhausted, just like every f--ing body in this m--rf--ing room. That's got to be the (expletive) attitude and the mentality all the (expletive) time. All that "me" [expletive] don't [expletive] live here no more.

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