Loose underwear may be good for sperm production

Are Tighty Whities Bad for a Man's Sperm Count

Are Tighty Whities Bad for a Man's Sperm Count

"It might be predicted that men who spend much of their day seated and also wear tight underwear would be most likely to suffer a fall in their sperm production due to scrotal heating", Prof Sharpe said.

The study looked at men and their partners who were seeking infertility treatment between 2000 and 2017 at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. It was published Wednesday in the journal Human Reproduction.

A study has found that men in Y-fronts produce less sperm compared with those who choose underwear that gives their testicles room to cool down.

Men were asked to recall what underwear they prefer rather than actually being observed, and all of the men were seeking fertility treatment - so the findings might be have been different if other men had been involved in the test.

To understand how underwear can affect sperm quality, the researchers collected semen samples - and preferences for boxers versus briefs - from 656 men between the ages of 32 and 39.

Men who wore boxers also had higher percentages of motile sperm or sperm that are capable of moving through the female reproductive system and fertilizing an egg. The most significant difference in sperm concentration was seen between men who wore boxers and men who wore jockeys and briefs.

Firty-three percent of the men said they usually wore boxers.

"Beyond providing additional evidence that underwear choices may impact fertility, our study provides evidence, for the first time, that a seemingly random lifestyle choice could have profound impacts on hormone production in men at both the level of the testis and the brain", Jorge Chavarro, senior author of the study and associate professor of nutrition and epidemiology, said in the statement. In that, the decreased sperm production among men in tighter underwear signals the brain to boost production of hormones that stimulate the activity of the gonads to try to increase sperm production.

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