Novichok attack: Russia denounces 'draconian' new US sanctions

U.S. orders new sanctions against Russia over chemical attack in Britain

U.S. orders new sanctions against Russia over chemical attack in Britain

The Russian embassy in the USA hit back on Thursday morning, criticising what it called "far-fetched accusations" from the United States that Russia was behind the attack. On Tuesday the rouble rate had stood at 63.4.

Russian banks were also affected, with shares in state-run Sberbank sliding 4.7%. Mr Skripal and his daughter recovered after intensive care in hospital, and their current whereabouts are being kept secret.

A second round of sanctions that could go into effect 90 days later would cut far deeper, including blocking all American bank loans to Russian entities, an outright ban on U.S. exports to Russia, and suspension of diplomatic relations.

"Thank you USA for standing firm with us on this", Hunt said on Twitter.

"And to this war, we will have to react by economic, political, and, in case of necessity, other methods".

Earlier, the Kremlin said the new batch of sanctions on Moscow announced by the U.

The Russian embassy in the U.S. hit back on Thursday morning. The Russian embassy said Moscow continued to advocate for an open and transparent investigation into the poisoning.

It said the situation was a "natural reaction of the financial market to news about new potential sanctions". There will also be some further restrictions on Russian access to USA financial services.

When asked Thursday about the possibility of a ban on Aeroflot, Peskov labelled the USA administration an "unpredictable participant in worldwide affairs", adding "you can now expect anything".

They aim to deny Russian state-owned and state-funded enterprises access to any national-security-sensitive goods and technologies originating in the U.S.

Skripal was a double agent, working for years with Russian intelligence while secretly passing information to British authorities.

The sanctions follow the US Treasury's imposition of sanctions in March against 19 Russian citizens and five entities for interfering in the 2016 US election - the toughest steps against Moscow since Trump took office.

But initial triumphalism swiftly turned sour as anger over what some USA lawmakers saw as an over deferential performance by Trump and his failure to confront Putin over Moscow's alleged meddling in United States politics galvanised a new sanctions push.

'The strong worldwide response to the use of a chemical weapon on the streets of Salisbury sends an unequivocal message to Russian Federation that its provocative, reckless behaviour will not go unchallenged'. S. was illegal under global law and that Russia's financial system was stable.

On Thursday, Russia and China blocked a US proposal at the United Nations to blacklist a Moscow-based North Korean banker and two other entities as punishment for breaking U.N. sanctions created to get Pyongyang to negotiate abolishing its nuclear weapons.

Moscow's strategy of trying to improve battered US-Russia ties by attempting to build bridges with President Donald Trump is backfiring after US lawmakers launched a new sanctions drive last week because they fear Trump is too soft on Russia.

What was the nerve agent? More than 20 countries expelled Russian envoys in solidarity with the United Kingdom, including the US.

On March 5, 2018, British media reported that Skripal is in critical condition after being exposed to "unknown substance" in the English city of Salisbury. Police believe the couple accidentally found a bottle containing Novichok.

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