WP: White House plans to impose sanctions over foreign election meddling

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin

Three weeks after Trump was widely condemned for not standing up to Putin at their Helsinki summit, Paul said the letter from Trump had offered US cooperation in various areas.

Republican US Senator Rand Paul said yesterday he delivered a letter from President Donald Trump to the Russian government during a trip to Moscow.

The White House later clarified that it was written as a means of introduction for the senator, who wanted to meet with Mr. Putin.

CNN has reached out to Paul's office for more details. That summit was widely criticized on Capitol Hill for Trump's failure to side with US intelligence officials who say Putin was responsible for Russia's theft of Democratic emails and use of social media propaganda in 2016. But Peskov said the Kremlin had not familiarized itself with the contents.

Christopher J. Gagin, who revealed he was the Republican Party chairman from OH who resigned after the Helsinki summit, pointed out that Trump defended Putin's denials of Russian meddling in the 2016 election. However, he undermined those remarks when he quickly returned to calling the special counsel's investigation a "witch hunt", and referred to Russian interference as a "hoax".

A page of proposed topics for negotiation, not previously made public, offers new insights into the substance of the July 16 dialogue that even Trump's top advisers have said they were not privy to at the time. He also invited a delegation of Russian lawmakers to Washington DC. Trump's top intelligence official, Dan Coates, has said he is still in the dark about what Trump discussed with Putin in their tête-à-tête in Finland.

Congressman Massie suggested in an interview with Breitbart News that America and the world will benefit from the increased dialogue between the two countries.

The document sheds light on the relationship between the USA and Russian Federation, pointing to a continuation of disarmament dialogue that has been going on for several decades.

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