Confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to begin Sept. 4

It's Official The Date for Judge Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Hearing Has Been Set

It's Official The Date for Judge Kavanaugh's Supreme Court Hearing Has Been Set

Following the hearings and the vote from the committee, Kavanaugh's nomination would then be considered by the full Senate.

Hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh are now set to start on September 4, according to the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Chuck Grassley.

"While those on the left will cry that the timing is short, Judge Kavanaugh's name was listed last November on President Trump's short list of possible nominees if a Supreme Court vacancy should occur".

As Karen Townsend pointed out earlier, the Democratic strategy is to stall over document production in hopes of derailing the nomination down the road.

That means the marathon hearing will begin the Tuesday after Labor Day. Kavanaugh will go under questioning September 5. After the questioning, there will be testimony from close associates of Kavanaugh as well as legal experts and the American Bar Association.

"We're moving right along", McConnell said during a radio interview in Kentucky ahead of the announcement.

I'm betting Cocaine Mitch will get this done.

August 1: The National Archives said that they have more than 1.2 million documents from Brett Kavanaugh's time in the White House, including an estimated 1 million documents from his time as Staff Secretary.

"My colleagues should be a "no" on this nominee unless Judge Kavanaugh specifically commits that he will recuse himself on any issues that involve President Trump's personal financial dealings or the special counsel", said Sen.

The 184,000 pages turned over to the committee from his time at the White House and as part of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's work constitutes the largest turnover of documents from the Executive Branch regarding a nominee for the Supreme Court, according to the Judiciary Committee.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, released a statement on Friday calling Kavanaugh "exceptionally well-qualified" and "a fair arbiter of the law".

The government watchdogs are deeply disturbed by recent reports that Senate Republicans have negotiated a deal with former President George W. Bush for only partial release of Kavanaugh documents in Bush's presidential library, over the objections of Senate Democrats.

Breitbart News' Ken Klukowski has pointed out that Kavanaugh's opinions have been in the public domain for years and Kavanaugh "returned the most comprehensive, bipartisan Senate questionnaire in the history of the Judiciary Committee". "Historically, the Senate has made an effort to consider every public statement or document related to a Supreme Court nominee's career".

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